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Gardening things to do this autumn!

  1. Plant Bulbs

Now is the perfect time to plant your spring-flowering bulbs for example – daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, and tulips. This can be done in any type of flower bed (hanging baskets/containers). Remember to remove all weeds and add plenty of our nutrient rich Organic Green Compost. A top tip is to try and plant them super deep, about three to four times as deep as the length of the bulb itself! This will help with the growth and strength of the plant.

  1. Plant Winter Sustainable Vegetables

Onions need to be planted around this time of year as they have a very long growing season; if you planted them now, they would be ready for the next summer.  A good idea would be to mark where you have planted it as you could plant other seeds on top of it and not realise! Broad beans, Garlic and Asparagus can also be planted now.

  1. Make leaf mould

Now is a great time to sweep up and get rid of all the beautifully crinkled fallen leaves from the end of Autumn and put them in some bin bags, add water to the bags to make this decay faster then, create holes in the bin bags then leave for 1-2 years and you will in turn have leaf mould! Good quality leaf mould can be used as mulch or a seed-growing compost. You will know when the leaf mould is ready when it looks like a thick paste.

Gardening Tips

“Soil Improver” and “Soil Conditioner” are also known as Organic Matter. Plants thrive on organic matter. Manures are a great source for adding Organic Matter and nitrogen into your soil, Organic matter also improves the soil structure where nitrogen boosts the fertility of the soil benefiting the plants growth.

Be careful not to be led up the garden path!

Many of our fellow competitors sell “Farmyard Manure” which actually does not have a high content of farmyard manure. One known company was asked what their farmyard manure consisted of said it contained approximately 25% Peat, 25% sawdust, 25% green waste and 25% spent mushroom compost!

Useful facts

The ideal moisture content for composting organic material is 40-60%.

Temperatures of the organic material must not exceed 65°c as this kills the micro-organisms that break down the compost.