Equigrow Products

All of our products are made here at Cattlegate Farm, they are all made from natural substances that are “Peat Free” giving Equigrow products the edge over our competitors. It is our mission to produce premium quality products, with a friendly and dedicated service to match.

Feed your garden the natural way… PEAT FREE

Proud to be made In Britain

The Equigrow Process

All our products go through a meticulous composting and maturation process to produce the highest quality and nutrient rich composts.

Our soil conditioner consists of horse manure, straw, and a minimal amount of wood shavings, which helps to aerate the compost. The manure is collected daily from stable yards in the local area and brought to our farm where it is processed and turned regularly, allowing oxygen to permeate through. This creates heat, which kills most pathogens and weed seeds.

After roughly a month, the manure is put through a shredder to help break it down, therefore speeding up the process. For the next three months, the manure is continued to be turned and lastly it is screened to 40mm and ready for bagging or distribution.